Thursday, May 27, 2010

ILIA Launches Anonymous ASK ILIA Service for Teens and Adults

ILIA recently launched an anonymous service for adults and youth. Questions related to Islamic Leadership and applications of leadership in a Muslim's life are encouraged. Questions are shared on the ASK ILIA page and are confidential. The identity of the person asking questions is not revealed or known to ILIA or others. Questions are answered by qualified scholars and instructors who are members of the ILIA Board of Amana and Board of Imara.

The service is FREE and accessible at this link

Topic of relevance are, and not limited to:
- Leadership Applications in a Muslim's life
- Leadership in the Family
- Adult - Teen Communications Issues
- Business Partner Conflict Resolution
- Community Members' Disputes and Conflicts
- Muslim Youth Identity Issues
- Self Development Issues
- Masjid Board and Governance Issues

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