Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Students Receive Prize for Top Score in Lion of the Desert Movie Quiz

Saturday Sept 18, 2010 / Shawaal 9, 1431 Ellicott City, Maryland. As the late hours of the evening were passing away and the leadership movie, Lion of the Desert, coming to an end, a couple dozen students started on there 10 question quiz for middle school age students and 15 question quiz for high school age students. The quiz, a simple multiple choice check point was designed to settle some key concepts into the minds of the students, ranging from key dates mentioned in the movie, to leadership traits exhibited by the various characters and lessons learned. Although the quiz was relatively straight forward, most students received a B- grade. The top student from each category - middle school and high school - received a prize. The middle school student received a battleship game, and the high school student received a book on decision making and smart choices.

Attendees have enjoyed the speeches of Br. Maher Kharma, President of Islamic Society of Annapolis and Imam Mahmoud Abdelhady, Imam of Dar Al-Taqwa as the program started shortly after 6:30 pm. Attendees then performed maghrieb salah and enjoyed the pop corn, veggie sticks, and refreshments while they started to live the scenarios millions of Libyans have experienced in the early 20th century. Another short break for ishaa salat followed by pizza and the remaining half of the movie brought the attendees to full attention as the events in the movie became more highly paced.

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