Sunday, November 28, 2010

ILIA Launches New Youth Project Management Class

Alhamedellah with the grace of Allah (SWT), in its second year of offering of Youth Project Management (YPM 101), ILIA introduces Leading Youth Project Managers - Cost Management (YPM 201) for those who completed YPM 101 in 2009. YPM 201 builds on YPM 101 and focuses on financial cost accounting for projects. It provides youth ages 12-18 the solid understanding of all fundamental financial areas of a project from bill of material, to income sheets and project operational and capital expenses and balance sheets. The project touches on financial earned value and allows youth to communicate effectively with professional project managers in the industry as related to financial aspects of a project. The coaching this year will be offered by ILIA and ILIA will provide all participants with the same project to develop a full project plan for a new training center in Baltimore City, inshaa Allah coaching involves site visits, public hearings and lots of real-life experience.

YPM 201 inshaa Allah launches on Sunday Dec 5th, 2010 in parallel to its "mama class" YPM 101 which is also held the same day at the ILIA training center inshaa Allah. to register for YPM 201 visit

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