Monday, January 17, 2011

Has Islam Been Hijacked, Zayed vs. Spencer and Imam Moustafa Zayed's New Blog

Imam Moustafa Zayed the renowned Muslim author eradicating Islamophobia through the pen and tongue has recently started a new blog. The blog named "The Lies About Muhammad (pbuh)" is accessible at and includes videos, commentary and reflections on Islamophobia and misunderstandings of Islam.

Imam Moustafa Zayed has a degree in Communication Systems Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt, and is a member of the Scientific Board of Quran and Sunnah Research of Cairo. He has appeared numerous times on the NY-area television program, “Understanding Religion”. He speaks widely in Interfaith settings with a devotion to bridging peace between the major religions and communities.
Zayed is also the author of “Muhammad Said”, and is a leading teacher in the Islamic Society of Central Jersey. Imam Zayed was featured as one of ten North American Islamic scholars on Britain’s Channel 4 Documentary, “Islam in America”.

Zayed's Recent Leadership Class at ILIA and Interview with ABNSAT

He recently joined ILIA as an instructor teaching fallacies about the leadership abilities and skills of the Prophet (pbuh). He offered a workshop at ILIA's training facility in Ellicott City, Maryland in Nov 2010, and inshaa Allah future seminars are being planned for Michigan, Virginia and Georgia. Imam Moustafa has recently been interviewed by ABNSAT, watch the video here

Zayed vs. Spencer - Friday, Jan 28th, 2011

Inshaa Allah, Imam Zayed will be having a 90 minute debate on January 28th, 2011 with Robert Spencer, a trailer can be found at this link isnhaa Allah

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