Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[FREE] 10/24 in Loudoun -- Joel Salatin to speak at Food Day 2014, 9am-3pm

Salam & Howdy Y'all!
Our daughter, Hidayah Jaka, is in her third semester at NVCC-Loudoun and is a member of the campus Green Team -- the environmental club.

Last semester, they hosted a very successful symposium on the topic of hydraulic fracturing, with speakers from the Southern Environmental Law Center, Washington Gas, and special keynote speaker Josh Fox -- activist & director of the movie "Gasland."
This semester -- they're bringing Joel Salatin of "Food Inc" and "Folks, This Ain't Normal!" as a keynote speaker at Food Day 2014! When our family first began to purchase real foods that are sustainable, local, and humanely raised over a decade ago, it was Joel's farm (Polyface) where we started our journey.

The Green Team has partnered with FoodDay.org to bring Food Day 2014 to Loudoun! Food Day is nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably produced food and a grassroots campaign for better food policies. Building all year long and culminating on October 24, Food Day focuses on issues as varied as hunger, nutrition, agriculture policy, animal welfare, and farmworker justice, with the ultimate goals of improving food policies and building a stronger, more united movement for “real food.” In 2013, Food Day was celebrated with over 4,700 events in all 50 states. The Green Team's goal is to increase awareness among students and members of the community about local, healthy, organic food options, and how they can get involved!
I hope that y'all will come out -- especially for Joel's address. Here is the Facebook event -- https://www.facebook.com/events/1498206687098274/ -- please share it with your networks!

No RSVP is required, the event is open to the public, and it's free -- so come on out! We look forward to seeing you
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