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Mountain Strong: Patience in Practice Preteen Sisters, Oct 2nd, 2010

October 2th, 2010
Girls Ages 9 – 14
Not only will your child experience activities to build their Islamic identity, but also they will be exposed to several key concepts related to patience and perseverance. Based on the Quran and practice of the Prophet, this leadership retreat for pre-teens provides an opportunity for youth to develop in their deen and put it into practice.

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Mountain Hiking, BBQ, Team Activities, Knowledge Hunt, Soccer, Quizzes, Group Discussions, plus more - All participants receive a copy of Mountain Strong book ($29 value)

Rocks State Park, MD

As listed about per person. Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, leadership book, activities, exam and certificates of attendance

7:00am busses depart from
Dar Al-Taqwa, Columbia Maryland, and  Dar us-Salaam, College Park 

Other Details
A certified CPR and first aid chaperons by the American Red Cross available on trip, our ratio is 1 chaperon per 5 kids, the program is developed by professionals educated and trained in leadership. Chaperons have experience in youth programs, and have conducted programs at area Masjids for several years including trips and other off-site programs. The Mountain Strong Book accompanies the program and has been reviewed by two Islamic center Imams (Dar Al-Taqwa and Ann Arbor Muslim Community Center), a youth psychologist, a psychiatric and a leadership expert from the University of Maryland. For the girls program, all chaperons are sisters, except for two adult brothers whose functions are security and logistical support. All activities are conducted by college age trained female chaperons. ILIA serves only halal and healthy food, no junk food/snacks are served. 

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