Friday, September 24, 2010

Make the Click Bridge the Gap

Inshaa Allah this 7 hr intensive workshop will provide insights into the lives of teens, and provide parents and educators with tools and approaches they can use to deal effectively with difficult situations. It is a mix of presentation, group activities, exercises, assessments and case study analysis from real situations in our Muslim communities in North America.

Why Attend?
  • Does you teen not listen to you?
  • Is you teen becoming isolated?
  • Do you and your teen always get into arguments and can not communicate?
  • Does your spouse and your teen never get along?
  • Are you being faced with questions in the classroom you don’t know how to address?
  • Do you feel your students are not motivated in class?

Who Should Attend?
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Educators
  • Youth coaches
  • Introduction to Teens
  • Parents and Teachers, Who are They?
  • Teen Challenges
  • Communications Cornerstones
  • Significance of Parents in Islam
  • Youth—Adult Relationships from the Quran and Sunnah
  • Listening Techniques
  • Coaching Both Ways
  • Motivating the Stubborn
  • Mentoring Your Teen
  • Effective Criticism
  • Untying the Gridlock
  • Dealing with Common Problems
  • Over the Boundary: Drugs, Sex and Tawheed
  • Real case studies

When: Oct 23rd, 2010
Where: 500 Grove St, Herndon, VA

Workshop includes a 60 minute exam at the end of the day. All applicants who score 80% or higher receive (1) ILIA Educational Unit.

Financial Aid available for eligible applicants: Complete form and email prior to registration for a discount code.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Students Receive Prize for Top Score in Lion of the Desert Movie Quiz

Saturday Sept 18, 2010 / Shawaal 9, 1431 Ellicott City, Maryland. As the late hours of the evening were passing away and the leadership movie, Lion of the Desert, coming to an end, a couple dozen students started on there 10 question quiz for middle school age students and 15 question quiz for high school age students. The quiz, a simple multiple choice check point was designed to settle some key concepts into the minds of the students, ranging from key dates mentioned in the movie, to leadership traits exhibited by the various characters and lessons learned. Although the quiz was relatively straight forward, most students received a B- grade. The top student from each category - middle school and high school - received a prize. The middle school student received a battleship game, and the high school student received a book on decision making and smart choices.

Attendees have enjoyed the speeches of Br. Maher Kharma, President of Islamic Society of Annapolis and Imam Mahmoud Abdelhady, Imam of Dar Al-Taqwa as the program started shortly after 6:30 pm. Attendees then performed maghrieb salah and enjoyed the pop corn, veggie sticks, and refreshments while they started to live the scenarios millions of Libyans have experienced in the early 20th century. Another short break for ishaa salat followed by pizza and the remaining half of the movie brought the attendees to full attention as the events in the movie became more highly paced.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

ILIA meets community at Muslim FunFest

On Saturday May 29, ILIA participated in Muslim FunFest which was held in Clarsburg, MD. With over 5,000 muslims in attendance and in the midst of children's amusement rides, horeriding, and a packed bazaar, ILIA spoke about its mission, goals, and previous accomplishments. ILIA also passed out flyers for its upcoming events, including Unite Tight. Various representatives from area masjids were present, including Dar Al Taqwa, Muslim Community Center, Dar Us Salam, Islamic Society of Baltimore, and Islamic Community Center of Laurel.

The ILIA booth was staffed by Mohamed Abouerous, Haniffa Osman, and Muhammad Johnson.

ILIA participates in Islamic Society of Baltimore's SummerFest 2010

With the summer heat in full swing, ILIA participated in Islamic Society of Baltimore's SummerFest 2010 on Saturday June 26. ILIA shared information about its mission and goals with ISB's community members. ILIA also continued to promote its programs, including Making the Click/Bridging the Gap and Unite Tight and shared its prior successful programs such as Family Leadership and Mountain Strong. ILIA also met with representatives from MIST (Muslim INterscholatic Tournament) to discuss plans to add a new leadership category to next year's tournament.

The booth was staffed by Founder Ayman Nassar, Mohamed Abouelrous, May Bayomi, and Diangelou Bush, who was completing a summer internship with ILIA.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DC 2010 Youth Project Management, Dec 5th, 2010

“Youth Project Management”
Sunday Dec 5th, 2010 
Boys / Girls Ages 12 – 18
This program is offered to youth who wish to develop project management and leadership skills. It is a mix of presentation, team activities, project development assignments, off-site projects with area Islamic institutions inshaa Allah (SWT).

ILIA is training youth on principles of project management on Dec 5th inshaa Allah, participants in the program will have the opportunity to join a team of youth who will act as project managers assisting a Muslim social service, religious or educational organization with planning and managing small projects. Its a great opportunity to learn, give back for the sake of Allah (SWT) (SWT) and to get community service credit. Teams which work in a community service project, will enter the Greater Washington DC Region Project Planning Competition.

Who: Brothers and sisters ages 12 – 18

When: Project Management Workshop (Dec 5th 2010), Regional DC Competition (Jan 2011 inshaa Allah)

Where: Workshop (Ellicott City, MD), Competition (Masjid in the DC area – To be decided soon inshaa Allah (SWT))

What: Seven hrs of training, quizzes, project problems, mock project plan development, team activities, project management training material, continental breakfast, certificate of attendance, lunch and stronger networking with other youth across the region.

Fees: Workshop ($69), Competition ($25) –

Financial Aid Available – complete financial aid form for discount code and email to

Mountain Strong: Patience in Practice PreTeen Boys, Sept 25th, 2010

“Patience into Practice”
Sept 25th, 2010
Boys Ages 9 – 14
Not only will your child experience activities to build their Islamic identity, but also they will be exposed to several key concepts related to patience and perseverance. Based on the Quran and Sunnah, this leadership retreat for pre-teens provides an opportunity for youth to develop in their deen and put it into practice.

Mountain Hiking, Swimming, BBQ, Soccer, Team Activities, Group Competitions, Quizes,  Group Discussions

Shenandoah Region, VA


Limited financial aid available for eligible participants. Fees include three meals, leadership booklets/handouts, certificates of attendance

Leave after Fajr, return by Ishaa, inshaa Allah bus leave prompty inshaa Allah from (BUS WILL NOT WAIT FOR LATE COMERS)
Dar Al-Taqwa, Columbia Maryland - 6:00am
Dar us-Salaam, College Park - 6:30am
Adams Center, Herndon - 7:30am

Register Here:
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