Sunday, September 5, 2010

ILIA participates in Islamic Society of Baltimore's SummerFest 2010

With the summer heat in full swing, ILIA participated in Islamic Society of Baltimore's SummerFest 2010 on Saturday June 26. ILIA shared information about its mission and goals with ISB's community members. ILIA also continued to promote its programs, including Making the Click/Bridging the Gap and Unite Tight and shared its prior successful programs such as Family Leadership and Mountain Strong. ILIA also met with representatives from MIST (Muslim INterscholatic Tournament) to discuss plans to add a new leadership category to next year's tournament.

The booth was staffed by Founder Ayman Nassar, Mohamed Abouelrous, May Bayomi, and Diangelou Bush, who was completing a summer internship with ILIA.

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