Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ILIA Joins Local Islamic Organizations in PG County, Maryland to Oppose "Facility Accessory Use" Bill

October 26th, 2010 / Thul Qaida 18th, 1431 - Upper Marlboro, Maryland.
Along with half a dozen Islamic organizations from PG County, ILIA prepared a written statement opposing the proposed Bill CB-073-2010 which would have introduced changes to the definition of accessory use of facilities. The bill which if passed would have harmed religious institutions that hold activities serving the needs of its communities such as educational, athletic, social or other related.

The bill was killed by the councilman who proposed the bill on the spot as the hearing room was packed with over 200 community members, students, teachers and Muslim leaders. To read ILIA's written statement that was filed with the council clerk click here or paste this link in your browser http://www.islamicleadership.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/PG-County-CB-73-2010-02-no-color.pdf

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