Sunday, November 28, 2010

ILIA Launches New Youth Project Management Class

Alhamedellah with the grace of Allah (SWT), in its second year of offering of Youth Project Management (YPM 101), ILIA introduces Leading Youth Project Managers - Cost Management (YPM 201) for those who completed YPM 101 in 2009. YPM 201 builds on YPM 101 and focuses on financial cost accounting for projects. It provides youth ages 12-18 the solid understanding of all fundamental financial areas of a project from bill of material, to income sheets and project operational and capital expenses and balance sheets. The project touches on financial earned value and allows youth to communicate effectively with professional project managers in the industry as related to financial aspects of a project. The coaching this year will be offered by ILIA and ILIA will provide all participants with the same project to develop a full project plan for a new training center in Baltimore City, inshaa Allah coaching involves site visits, public hearings and lots of real-life experience.

YPM 201 inshaa Allah launches on Sunday Dec 5th, 2010 in parallel to its "mama class" YPM 101 which is also held the same day at the ILIA training center inshaa Allah. to register for YPM 201 visit
“Leading Youth Project Managers”
Cost Management
Sunday Dec 5th, 2010
Boys / Girls Ages 12 – 17
This program is offered to youth who have already completed Youth Project Management. It is an advanced course enabling these students to lead incoming students into Youth Project Management.

"Leading Youth Project Managers" has multiple focuses, this class focusses on Cost Management and will provide the youth with a comprehensive understanding of project cost estimation, budgeting and expense tracking inshaa Allah (SWT).

Its a great opportunity to learn, give back for the sake of Allah (SWT) (SWT) and to get community service credit. Students who succesfully complete the class will be eligible to:
a. lead and coach a project team of "Youth Project Management" students.
b. join a paid ILIA internship in accounting and bookkeeping.
c. receive community service.
d. compete against other "Leading Youth Project Managers" in the annual Greater Washington DC Region Project Planning Competition., besides there team participtaion.

Who: Brothers and sisters ages 12 – 17

When: Dec 5th, 2010; Competition (Feb 2011) inshaa Allah

Where: Workshop (Ellicott City, MD), Competition (Masjid in the DC area – To be decided soon inshaa Allah (SWT)) - Training Room No. 1

What: Seven hrs of training, quizzes, project problems, mock project plan development, team activities, project management training material, continental breakfast, certificate of attendance, lunch and stronger networking with other youth across the region.

Prerequistes: Youth Project Management with a grade of B or higher

Fees: Workshop Early Bird ($69), Competition (held in Jan 2011 inshaa Allah, additional $25, paid later at time of competition registration).

Financial Aid Available – complete financial aid form for discount code and email to

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Character Building for 60 Inmates at Local Jail

Alhamedellah ILIA in launching soon pending funds availability an innovative program at Howard County Detention Center.

The program is open to all inmates Muslims and non-Muslims who meet eligibility requirements. The jail houses 350 inmates of which approx 20 are Muslim brothers.

The program involves an 8 week, 18 course intensive character building program. Funds are needed to purchase books, training supplies and pay for three instructors. Inmates can not afford to pay for tuition so the program is offered as a grant from ILIA to the Howard County Detention Center.

It is a great dawa opportunity and a great program to assist these inmates on reentry into the society to be productive Muslims and citizens.

Please donate generously at this link

Training 50 Muslim Juveniles in Laurel

Inshaa Allah ILIA is working hard to provide Islamic character building and development for youth at the Oak Hill detention center, known as New Beginnings.

New Beginnings houses 75 youth of ages 14-18, approx 50-55 of these young men are Muslims. The ILIA program involves 20 courses and a field project which will train the youth in different areas of character building over a school semester.

Funds will be used to purchase books, pay professional instructors, and acquire educational supplies for projects and activities.

Please support this wonderful cause and help a young man get back on their feet and stay on the right path -

ILIA President Eid Khutbah on Eid Al-Adha 1431

 ILIA's President Eid Adha Khutbah for 1431 A.H reflects on sacrifice and its significance in the life of a Muslim as a means to attain the taqwa of Allah (SWT) and inducing positive change in our lives. The khutbah shares key points of the trial Ibrahim and Ismail (pbut) went through and shares lessons for parents, youth and community members. The second part of the khutbah share the current state of the local Muslim ummah in Maryland and offers simple steps to get our communities back on track through mending our foundations, devoting more time to our families, reaching out to help one another, and being elements of change in the society for the betterment of our ummah and nation, all through giving up some of the comforts we enjoy everyday.

Audio Recording is available

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Regional EPC DC Essay, Presentation and Poster Youth Competition

On behalf of the EPC (Essay Panel Competition) ILIA is sharing the following announcement
Don't miss our EPC workshop on 21 Nov at MCC by Sr. Gena Chung. 
Look forward to your participation at the workshop followed by a mini-debate at 3:30 pm, insha'Allah.

See below for this year’s EPC theme, topics, and important deadlines. 
For complete guidelines and the registration form, please visit

PRE-REGISTRATION is required, register by:   31 Dec 2010

A Forum to foster writing and communication skills among Muslim youth.
Write, Speak, and Publish!
   EPC 2010 THEME:
ELEMENTARY: How is my family a great blessing from Allah?      
What lessons have I learned from the Prophet and his family and how can I                                                        apply them in my family?
The Family Epidemic: Diagnose the Problems, Write a Prescription?        

EPC 2010 Important Dates to Remember:
Essays, Poster (electronic copy) 
and Multimedia submission deadline:      8 Jan 2011

Event Date:  23 Jan 2011 at ISWA, MD

EPC Workshops and Mini-debate
·        EPC Workshop 1 on 21 Nov 2010 at MCC
·        EPC Workshop 2 on 11 Dec 2010 at Dar Al Taqwa
·        EPC Workshop 1 on 25 Dec 2010 at ICM

(Seats are limited so register for workshops by sending an email at
For questions, please contact and visit for more details.
Br. Mostafiz Chowdhury
On behalf of EPC 2010 ORG COM

Monday, November 1, 2010

Local Homeless in Need of Support

A couple of local muslimah homeless shelters are in need of support with rent and utility expenses. Combined these shelters serve over 25 sisters, some who have children with them. To support these organizations you may donate here, all funds collected through this link  will be provided to Muslimat Al-Nisaa and Women Affairs of Al-Mumtahinah Home in proportion to their number of residents, as well as a homeless Muslim family that ILIA has been supporting to secure employment and get back in the workforce. Donate here:
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