Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ILIA President Eid Khutbah on Eid Al-Adha 1431

 ILIA's President Eid Adha Khutbah for 1431 A.H reflects on sacrifice and its significance in the life of a Muslim as a means to attain the taqwa of Allah (SWT) and inducing positive change in our lives. The khutbah shares key points of the trial Ibrahim and Ismail (pbut) went through and shares lessons for parents, youth and community members. The second part of the khutbah share the current state of the local Muslim ummah in Maryland and offers simple steps to get our communities back on track through mending our foundations, devoting more time to our families, reaching out to help one another, and being elements of change in the society for the betterment of our ummah and nation, all through giving up some of the comforts we enjoy everyday.

Audio Recording is available

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