Sunday, February 6, 2011

PMP Exam Prep: 4 Days (2 Weekends) PMP 400

PMP 400: 4 Day PMP Training, 2 Weekends

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Instruction: 35 Hr interactive training / coaching class from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

Instructor: Ayman Nassar, PMP, CSEP, M.Sc. Eng Mgmt

Each student will receive the following:
“Passing the Project Management Exam – PMP Certification Practice Book”
“Passing the Project Management Professional Exam: PMP Certification Review Book”
Class handouts
White papers
Real PMI case studies
Topics not in PMBOK but on the exam
Class drills
Interactive group activities
Custom study plans
Tips, tricks, study aids, practice charts
Office supplies to make studying efficient and easy

See Location details in event details

Topics Covered:
Full PMBOK topics, practice problems, mini quizzes, group activities, practical case studies, application of the PMBOK. More than just exam preparation.

Why Attend this Workshop?
The best of times to invest in one’s professional development are times like these. Grow your skills and capabilities to grow your career. Now is the time to act to land that dream job.
Our approach is unique and is more than just exam preparation. It is project management education as well.

What Will I Gain if I Attend the Workshop?
  • How to lead projects, how to define project scope and manage it, how to integrate the various aspects of a project, how to manage project cost, risk, and schedule. How to manage project communications, procurement and teams. We cover the PMBOK from A to Z and more.
  • Special study guide and summaries saving you hours of reading, studying and frustration.
  • Years of practical experience tips, straight from the field. We bring you experiences from various industries and sectors.
  • The perspective of PMI with you. We explain why what most people will consider to be a correct answer is not the PMI perspective. We practice and analyze real case studies prepared by PMI.
  • Tons of questions to practice for the exam, our latest PMP preparation book covers all sections of the PMBOK and other areas which are included in the exam, but not in the PMBOK.
  • Interactive drills and activities to make learning fun.
  • ready to pass. All you need to do is attend and study!

Who should Attend?
Individuals interested in pursuing PMP certification (PMBOK 2008, Fourth Edition)

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Refund Policy

See ILIA Refund Policy on website at
If you miss a class due to an emergency, or fail to pass the PMP exam you may retake the training for free next time offered by ILIA

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