Sunday, February 6, 2011

Strategic Planning for Islamic Non-Profits (GOL 141)

This 7 hr intensive workshop will provide Islamic non-profit administrators and leaders a new perspective on strategic planning for their Muslim community center or non-profit organization, with the goal of allowing our organizations to develop strategic differentiation and operational excellence.

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Who Should Attend
Imams ● School Principals ● Board Members ● Chairmen ● Community Leaders ● Managers ● Professionals ● Business Owners

Course Objectives
  • Learn the different types of planning and when to use each
  • Learn how to plan for various purposes
  • Learn how to become more efficient, effective and agile
  • Learning the concept of service management while planning
  • Learn practical aspects related to planning
  • Learn how to raise the quality and value of services offered at Islamic non-profits
Course Prerequisites

  • AA degree and 10 years of experience, or B.A/B.S degree with 5 years of experience
  • Admitted into ILIA through completion of ILIA admission process
Course Content

  • What is a service organization
  • The enterprise perspective of planning
  • Engineering the service organization
  • A New Paradigm in managing and operating Islamic centers and schools
  • Strategic planning and new perspectives for Islamic non-profits
  • Tactical and operational planning
  • The planning process, roles, tools, activities, and practical tips
  • Case studies and practical planning exercises throughout the day
Books and Handouts

  • Service Systems Management and Engineering
  • Strategic Planning
Instructor: Ayman Nassar

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