Saturday, June 2, 2012

MCC Senior Program Ambassadors

The Muslim Community Center Senior Program is pleased to announce the dates for the training of our first cadre of MCC Senior Program AmbassadorsThe training will be conducted through the collaborative efforts of the Washington Adventist Hospital, the MCC Clinic under the guidance of Dr. Azad Ejaz, and our MCC Imam Mohamed Sh. Mohamed.
The training will require Seniors to attend three workshops at the Washington Adventist Hospital.
--The first workshop is on Saturday June 16th, the training is for visiting the sick,
--The last two are on June 23 rd and 30th and are for the bereaved who have lost loved ones. 
-- A fourth training will be conducted by Dr. Ejaz and Imam Mohamed at the MCC Clinic. It will include topics on healthand Spirituality.   
Following the successful training, Seniors will be certified as MCC Senior Ambassadors, and will be actively engaged in reaching out to the sick and bereaved in our community. Senior Ambassadors are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours a month in their outreach efforts.
Training slots are very limited and are on first come first served bases.
For more information please contact Sisters:
 Fareeha Bajwa-   Fausa Aliu.

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