Saturday, November 10, 2012

Youth Essay, Poster and Presentation Competition

Assalamu Alaikum Wa-RahmaTullahi Wa-baraka Tuhu,
Dear Parents of Prospective EPC Participants,
May this email find you in good health, strong in imaan and renewed commitments to continue doing good deeds!

This is a reminder on our EPC 2012 contest - an annual event for our youth to explore Islamic topics and improve their written and spoken communications.

See below for this year’s theme, topics, and important deadlines or visit:  We look forward to an exciting engagement of our youth competing in our Annual Essay/Panel Contest on 26 JAN-13 at PGMA insha'Allah.
Click to register>>>:  EPC 2012 Registration Form

If you have trouble accessing the form, you can fill it out online:
EPC 2012 THEME:  Building a Community: Prospering through Unity 
ELEMENTARY: Why are Muslims considered one Brotherhood/Sisterhood?
MIDDLE:  The Muslim Ummah is one entity in the sight of Allah (SWT). Explain the significance of this for modern day Muslims                                                                
HIGH SCHOOL+:  And hold fast to the rope of Allah and be not divided  among yourselves... (Surah 3:103) What is the meaning of this ayah? Describe how  Muslims today can join together to create a stronger Ummah.

-----------------EPC Workshops ----------------
NOVEMBER 10 2:00 PM-4:00 PM at Al Huda School 
DECEMBER 2  2:00 PM-4:00  PM at Dar al Taqwa
DECEMBER 9  1:00 PM-3:00  PM at ADAMS
DECEMBER 15  1:00 PM-3:00 PM at PGMA     
Essays will be due January 7, 2013. 
Event date:  26 January 2013 at PGMA , Lanham, MD

For question, please contact: or
On behalf of EPC 2012 ORG COM

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