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Intro to iOS App Development

   Intro to iOS App Development

   Justin Curtis
   Instructor of Computer Science and Web Developer
   Bryn Mawr School
   Baltimore, MD

     Mobile application development has exploded with the success of the iPhone. The iOS ecosystem has made it easier than ever for developers to make their apps available to the general public.  This, FREE, four-hour, mini-course, will examine the origins of iOS development, cover the basics of getting started as an iOS developer, and examine details of the most basic syntax of Objective C.

Proposed Outline:

* History of iOS Development
        - Steve Jobs departure from Apple
        - Jobs Forms NeXT
        - Apple buys NeXT and Jobs takes over Apple
        - Apple begins working on the iPhone using the technology developed at NeXT
        - Speculative work begins on iPhone development ~1999.
        - iPhone debuts on June 29, 2007
        - Time Magazine names iPhone invention of year (2007)
        - 2008 iPhone SDK released
        - Various iterations of the iPhone are released over the next several years
        - iTunes App store
        - App store grows in worldwide availability
* Getting Started as a Developer
        - Much, much, easier if you own a Mac
        - Downloading Xcode via the App Store
        - Installation of Xcode
             + Big download
             + Takes a bit of time
             + Resource Intensive
        - iOS Developer Center
        - Testing apps
             + Testing apps on your computer via the simulators - Free
             + Testing apps on your phone
                  ^ Must Join Apple developer program $99 per year
                       # How to signup
        - Apple’s take
             + Apple gets 30% of all sales
             + Apple “encourages” developers to charge for apps
        - Provisioning Profiles
             + Adding your devices
             + Adding Team Members
* Programming for iOS Devices
        - Getting the biggest bang out of your app
             + iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
             + What are the requirements of the app?
                  ^ Need phone dialer? No iPod Touch
                  ^ Internet access?
        - iPhone screen resolutions
             + iPad vs. iPhone vs. iPhone 5
             + Fragmentation
        - Differences in languages
             + Objective C vs. Java
        - XIB files
        - IBAction and IBOutlets
        - Linking to code
        - HelloWorld?
        - ARC vs MRC
        - Audio playback
        - Frameworks
        - OpenGL
        - OOP
        - Design Patterns and HID
        - Learning Objective C
        - Additional Resources
             + More to come
* Submitting Your App
        - Submission Process
             + Timeline for approval
        - App Review Guidelines

Instructor’s Bio:
     Justin Curtis is an instructor of Computer Science and serves as Web Developer for the Bryn Mawr School. Along with Java programming, Justin teaches students how to develop iOS applications for the iPhone and other iOS devices. Before his ten years at Bryn Mawr, Justin Curtis worked for an Internet startup company as a Web Developer where he developed content management systems, payment gateways, and other web related software projects.  Justin Curtis earned his Masters of Science from the Johns Hopkins University School of Engineering.

Date and place:
   April 13, 2013

   10 am – 2 pm

   National Electronics Museum (NEM) – Pioneer Hall
   1745 W. Nursery Road, Linthicum, MD 21090

     Send email to Boris Gramatikov ( indicating your IEEE status and IEEE member #, work affiliation, and whether you intend to apply for CEU credit. Those who would like to receive the credit and a certificate, should bring to the course a check for $18, issued to “IEEE, Baltimore Section”.

Course Website:

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Cybersecurity and Cybersafety for Girls Workshop: March 2, 2013

Cybersecurity and Cybersafety for Girls is an interactive learning and mentoring
experience for middle school girls who are interested in technology, computers,
and cybersecurity!  Undergraduate students will lead workshops in various
computer and technology related topics. This event will provide girls with the
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technology with confidence! This program is designed for girls in grades 6-7.
Activities include Internet Privacy, Computer Safety, Password Protection, and

Please contact Cristin Caparotta (below) with questions.

Best Regards,

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Maryland Cybersecurity Center (MC2)
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Helen McCloy/MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing
Award:  $500
Deadline:  February 28, 2013
The Helen McCloy/ MWA Scholarship for Mystery Writing is available to students who have talent in writing mystery fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, or screenwriting. In addition to the application, you must submit a copy of official description of program printed by your institution/ sponsor of program, a writing sample, two letters of recommendation, and a short essay on your interest in mystery writing. This scholarship is to be used to offset tuition and fees for U.S. workshops, seminars, or university/ college- level writing programs.
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