Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5th Annual MW Quran Recitation Competition

Location: Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale Campus
  Sunday April 7, 2013 10:00AM—2:00PM
Sponsored by
Make Space
Other sponsors are welcome
 The assignments are according to age group
Islamic and Tahfizul Quran schools
Public Schools and weekend schools
 Grade 1
 1/4 Juzu' Amma  (Al Adiyat ----Al Nass)
 1/8 Juzu' Amma  (Quraish—Al Nass)
 Grade 2
 1/2 Juzu' Amma (Al Shams—Al Nass)
 1/4 Juzu' Amma  (Al Adiyat  --Al Nass)
 Grade 3
 All Juzu' Amma
 1/3 Juzu' Amma ( AL Qadr—Al Nas)
 Grade 4
 1/2 Juzu' Tabaraka(29) ( AL Jinn--Al Mursalat)
 1/2 Juzu' Amma (Al Shams—Al Nass)
 Grade 5
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)
 2/3 Juzu' Amma ( Al Infittar__Al Nas)
 Grade 6
 Al Kahf ( The Cave), Al Anbiya a ( The prophets)
 Juzu Amma
 Grade 7
 Al Kahf ( The Cave), Al Anbiya a ( The prophets)
 1/2 Juzu' Tabaraka(29) ( AL Jinn--Al Mursalat)
 Grade 8
 AL Nisa’
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)
 Grade 9
 AL Nisa’
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)
 Grade 10
 Al Imran
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)
 Grade 11
 Al Baqarah
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)
 Grade 12
 Al Anfal + Attaubah
 all Juzu' Tabaraka(29)

The winner is the contestant that accumulates the highest score in his/her grade level. 
MW Quran Recitation-Committee will give each participant a complementary gift and a certificate in addition to the prizes for certain categories and contestants.
 Qualifying Ages: 
 Competition is open to all Muslims between 5 years old and above, grouped by grades above.
Registration is by Grade in their respective schools.
Participants should register for the proper grade they are in. However, if they feel they can compete with other upper grade levels they have to make that clear in the application.
The winner participants of 1st competitions can’t compete in the same grade level as last year.
Valuable prizes will be given to the winners in each age group.
Sponsors are welcome.
 Please contact Sr Nausheen Baig @ 703-723-9915 or  email

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