Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo

Richard Tydings is the owner of the Mid-Atlantic Emergency Preparedness & Survival Expo. He has been a home contractor for 20 years, and his resourcefulness and experience in finding solutions to problems have led him to his interest in prepping for emergency situations:
“In the event of a national catastrophic event, such as a natural disaster, economic meltdown, or terrorist attack, what would you do? Where would you go? Do you have the tools, skills, and resources to provide for yourself and your family?
 Our society is fragile; we are dependent upon its infrastructure to provide for our needs. If that infrastructure were to collapse, we would be in serious and immediate trouble. Loss of electricity, water, food, and other resources would leave us paralyzed. We pray that this doesn’t happen, but it could. So what do we do?
 Although I have been preparing for years, I still have more to do. I could survive by myself for well over a year. But what about the rest of my family? Add two or three persons and we are down to several months. So what’s the solution? Let’s ask the experts…”

For details visit: http://midatlanticsurvivalexpo.wordpress.com/ioevent-schedule/

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