Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Essay Panel Contest (EPC) 2015 Information

Assalamu Alaikum Wa-rahmatullahi Wa-barakatuhu

EPC Past and Future Participants and Parents

Are you ready for EPC 2015?
Now is the time to do some research on ' Managing Conflict' (this year's theme) for background information and  prepare for the upcoming  EPC 2015 that will be held  at Dar Al Taqwa, Ellicott City, Maryland In Shaa Allah.

If you are interested in an EPC workshop, please click here.

For early Registration, click EPC Registration.    

Essay/Poster/Multimedia Submission Deadline:  January 11, 2015
May Allah (SWT) reward you for taking time to forward the attached flier to your contacts or someone interested in EPC 2015.  

For questions, please visit epc.mafiq.org or contact at Essays@mafiq.org.  
~EPC 2015 Org Team

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