Monday, January 5, 2015

Creating Columbia Maryland

Columbia Archives • January 2015

Women's Gym & Package Plan Plus

A Mini-Course
You're invited to our free mini-course series of "Creating Columbia" offered by Columbia Archives, presented by Columbia historian Barbara Kellner this coming February at Slayton House.

It was big news when the plan for Columbia was presented 50 years ago. The period that led up to it had included a year of hard work, but what followed was an even more hectic schedule. “Creating Columbia: A Mini-Course” looks at the period from November 1964 to May 1965, covering the formal Columbia plan, the initial reaction to it and the feverish work that followed in order to fine tune the plan, cement relationships within Howard County and ensure that the plan would be accepted and then greenlighted for development.

Creating Colum
bia: A Mini-Course will capture the events of a significant period in the history of the city as follows:
  • Introducing the Plan, Monday, February 2, 2-3:30pm  
  • Inspiration and Perspiration, Monday, February 9, 2-3:30pm
  • Columbia Gets the Go-Ahead, February 16Monday, 2-3:30pm
All sessions will be held at Slayton House, located at 10400 Cross Fox Lane in Wilde Lake Village Center.
Course(s) are free to the public.
Register for all three Mondays or for individual session by registering below at or by calling 410-715-3103.

Columbia Archives, a service of Columbia Association (CA), collects and preserves the history of Columbia. The public is welcome to visit and spend time researching to get a deeper understanding of the history of Columbia. For more information, please go to or contact Archives staff at or 410-715-3103.

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