Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Elders Caregiver Support Workshops

Assalamu Alaykum Brothers and Sisters,

With the rapid increase in the aging of the population in general, and of members of our community in particular, there is also a corresponding rapid increase in the number of older persons suffering from complicated chronic diseases and long term illnesses.

Since the majority of our seniors are members of intergenerational families, the burden of caregiving often falls on family members, either spouses or children. During our two community forums, and in preparation for the County wide County Executive Summit on Aging,  our members ranked the need for Caregiving and caregivers supports among their priority issues of concern. 

I am forwarding to you information on series of Caregiver Support workshops that are culturally sensitive and designed to help our caregivers cope with some of their caregiving challenges, including how to access needed resources. 

The workshops will be held at the Sandy Spring Museum, located at: 17901 Bentley Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860. They will be conducted by Carol Cober, an expert on Wellness and Aging, and a nationally certified counselor. Ms. Cober is the co-founder of the Maryland Community of Practice for Villages and Aging in Community.

To our caregivers, please consider registering for some of the offered wellness workshops . Please share the information with family and friends and disseminate widely.

To register: Call Carol at 240-418-5603 or email her

From: carol cober 
Caregiver Support: How creativity & connecting helps                    
March 9th11-1:00PM
At the Sandy Spring Museum Wednesday
Have you been a caregiver or are you in the midst of caregiving? 
Join us for a brown bag discussion on strategies that can offer support during caregiving. We will explore how creative expression can help us cope with some of the challenges of caregiving.  Come enjoy some peer- to -peer companionship with others who travel the caregiver journey and try out a few of the strategies that can be helpful as we tend ourselves during this process.
Note: We will also be setting up an ongoing caregiver resource group- so if you are interested but unable to attend this mid week event, just call and let us know you wish to participate in the future group.
Upcoming Caregiver Retreats:
March 19: The meaning of place-Your Heart Home at Sandy Spring Museum
April 16: Recovering more Joy: Coping with Caregiver Stress
April 23: Mood Management with Self-massage and Essential Oils
April 30: Writing together a Spiritual Writing Retreat for caregivers
May 14: Self Care strategies to support caregivers
To register: Call Carol at 240-418-5603 or email her at
Carol Cober, MS, LPC, NCC offers innovative training and workshops on wellness and aging- in- community. She provides resources to individuals and organizations to support wellness, caregiving, coping with life transitions and to create collaborations across generations. Applying her knowledge from leading training at AARP & as a licensed, nationally certified counselor she works with communities developing resources for aging dynamically in neighborhoods across the state. The co-founder of the Maryland Community of Practice for Villages and Aging in Community her caregiver support approach fosters empowerment using a peer based wellness model. She has offered workshops and retreats on Creative Renewal since 2005 at Blueberry Gardens, a wellness center in Ashton Maryland.

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