Monday, March 14, 2016

Islamic Medicine Lecture

Hakim M Salim Khanan international authority on Natural Medicine (Tibb), he has practiced Islamic Medicine since 1978 and is widely acknowledged as a medical practitioner who has mastered the science of Аавс╣мibb - medicine.  He is the Author of АавтТаТ╕An Introduction to Islamic Medicine.АавтТаТ╣  
He established Mohsin Clinic in Leicester, UK in 1978, he successfully treated many thousands of patients from different walks of life and communities. He also trains future practitioners in natural medicine through the College of Medicine and Healing Arts, training in Traditional (Tibb) Medicine.

Hakim SalimАавтТаТ╣s first teacher and inspiration to study natural medicine (Tibb), was Shabeer Hussain Saahib (ra). Having trained as a traditional Islamic Medical Practitioner and also having studied Iridology, Osteopathy, Western Phytotherapy and Homoeopathy, he lectures and teaches at least three of these other disciplines, bringing a unique perspective to Medical Practice. He was featured in a BBC documentary about traditional herbal medicine.

Please join us on March 27th as we spend an afternoon with Hakim Salim Khan during his visit to the US. Refreshments provided. Program sponsored by the Diyanet Center of America Women's Committee. 

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