Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Two Shadowing Internship Seats Available for High Schoolers

Alhamedellah ILIA has two leadership shadowing opportunities for high school students grades 10-12 for 8 weeks starting Dec 10th. Leadership shadowing shall allow the student to learn various leadership skills and styles by accompanying ILIA's leaders on various assignments. Allah (SWT) commanded Musa (pbuh) to go and shadow Al-Khidr to learn from him various traits, specifically the leadership trait of patience. It is encouraged that all young people attend a shadowing program at some point of their life to gain diverse perspectives of work, life and the application of concepts of our deen into practice.

Job shadowing is a ILIA-supervised career exploration activity. Students "shadow” ILIA's leaders as they perform activities and responsibilities. Job shadows are designed to be short term. Leadership shadows emphasize observing the leader in various situations, and occasionally assist with simple assignments. The leadership shadow provides the student a meaningful introduction to the world and provides a context for understanding the relationship and interaction between the academics taught, Islamic values and principles and the society in a leadership context.

Upcoming Shadowing Opportunities:
  • Friday Dec 10th - Sunday Jan 30th (Brothers) - Shadow Br. Ayman Nassar; Deadline for application Wed 12/8/10
  • (Sisters) Detail Coming Soon

Eligibility Requirements:
1. Student must be enrolled in a school or home schooled at one of the grades level of 10 through 12 at time of application.
2. Student must complete a short online application at http://iliajobs.blogspot.com/
3. Student must be able to take time off of school on Fridays between 12:30 and 2:30 to attend jummah prayers (brothers only)
4. Student must be able to devote 2-4 hrs a week for 8 weeks to shadow ILIA leaders.
5. Students need to have a GPA of at least 2.5 or higher
6. Parental consent for student to attend the program and participate in ILIA activities on-site and off-site.

Selection Criteria:
1. Only two students shall be selected.
2. Students with best responses to "Motivation and Interest" and "Learning Objectives" shall be selected.
3. Students who are able to secure transportation to ILIA's office at internship/shadowing hours, or go to school / live within 5 miles of ILIA's office.

Successful Completion Requirements:
  • Students will be required to participate at least 2 hrs a week, and a minimum of 20 hrs over the 8 weeks.
  • Students shall be assessed on commitment, quality of notes taken, demonstration of application of concepts learned during the leadership shadow in various situations, motivation, a short essay at the completion of the program on the benefit the student acquired and the level of responsibility demonstrated during the program
  • There shall be a nominal stipend at the end of the internship for students who successfully complete the program with a grade of A.

Tips for Successful Shadowing
  • Show up on time.
  • Ask questions at appropriate times
  • Dress up. You don't have to be formal.  Nice Islamically compliant outfit is required
  • Take a notebook and pen or pencil to write notes.
  • Get involved and be positive.
  • Be appreciative and encourage others to experience an ILIA shadow internship

For more details visit ILIA's website at http://www.islamicleadership.org

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